Become a group leader

What does it mean to be a MuleSoft Meetup group leader?

Become a MuleSoft reference

Group leaders are recognized as MuleSoft experts, sharing their knowledge and connecting users together. Make sure your content is relevant to your attendees and that they’re always taking something away.

Be trusted

If you’re selected to become a group leader, we’ll trust and support you to organize high quality events. You’ll be in charge of organizing at least 4 events a year and we’ll help you with resources, content, swag and more!

Help us become better every day

Being on the frontline in your local area will make you the main point of contact for user feedback. In the same way, share your feedback as a leader so we can better support you and the community overtime.

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Perks of being a MuleSoft Meetup group leader

Free ticket to CONNECT

Each year, we’ll offer you a free ticket for our User Conference (value: >$1,200) or any local Summit, so you can meet with other leaders and the MuleSoft team!

Access to an exclusive content library

Get access to slide decks, cheat sheets, private betas… as well as a private Slack channel where you can interact with other Meetup group leaders.

Recognition in the MuleSoft ecosystem

Not only do you get to wear the title of MuleSoft Meetup group leader, you’ll have a nifty badge to display and you’ll be seen as a local MuleSoft pro in your area.

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Can MuleSoft partners, employees and customers become MuleSoft Meetup leaders? Yes!


As long as you read and agreed with the MuleSoft Meetup group leader code of conduct, and that you accept the fact that these groups / events are open to anyone, you may be selected to be a MuleSoft Meetup leader. Be aware that these groups are run by the community for the community, and should be devoid of any commercial interest.

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