API Governance to ensure API Conformance and Consistency with MuleSoft : Tech Meetup 🛠️

Mon, Sep 25, 2023, 10:00 AM (MDT)

Welcome to the API Governance Meetup, an exciting event designed to delve into the world of API conformance and consistency through the lens of MuleSoft integration technology. Whether you are a seasoned API expert or just starting your journey, this event offers a platform for insightful discussions, practical insights, and networking opportunities within the API and MuleSoft community

About this event

What to Expect:

Throughout the meetup, you can expect to explore a range of topics that revolve around achieving API conformance and consistency through effective governance practices. From establishing robust API design patterns and documentation standards to navigating versioning complexities and ensuring stringent security measures, our sessions will provide a comprehensive view of the API governance landscape offering you practical insights into implementing effective API governance frameworks within your own projects.

- Understanding API Governance & Best Practices

- Practical Demo on Implementation of API Governance

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  • Nitha Joseph

    Nitha Joseph

    PwC Canada

    Senior MuleSoft Developer

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  • Ishalveer Randhawa

    Ishalveer Randhawa

    Caelius Consulting

    Associate Solution Architect

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  • Bharath Kesavam

    Bharath Kesavam


    Technology Architect

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