#10 Maven and Mule

Sat, Jul 8, 2023, 10:30 AM (IST)

Please Join us online on 8th July and we will explore how Maven is used in Mule and how maven acts as a dependency management and build management tools for Mule along with deploying applications to Cloudhub and Exchange using Mule Maven Plugin.

About this event

In this virtual meetup we have planned to discuss on the following.

- What is Maven?

- How is Maven related to Mule?

- Maven as dependency management.

-  What is POM and different tags in POM.

- Maven as build management. - Maven Lifecycles,  Maven phase vs goals, Running few commands in maven. We will demonstrate some error scenario and fix it by running some commands.

- Mule Maven plugin

- Using settings.xml 

- Deploy application to Cloudhub using Mule Maven Plugin.

- Deploy assets to exchange using Mule Maven Plugin and Exchange Mule Maven Plugin.

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