Integrate Azure AI Search with Mulesoft

Fri, May 3, 10:00 PM (GMT+5:30)

Embark on a journey through Azure AI Search: learn how to create and utilise it, connect it with Blob storage, and make the most of the Blob storage connector in conjunction with Azure AI Search for Mulesoft Integration.

About this event

 In this meetup, we’ll discuss the following points:

What is Azure AI Search?
How to create/use it?
How to connect it to the Azure Blob Storage?
Use cases of Azure AI Search.
Integrate Azure Blob Storage and Azure AI Search.
Different approaches for searching blob files from blob storage.



  • Kajal Agrwal

    Kajal Agrwal

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  • Avneesh Sharma

    Avneesh Sharma

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  • Kapish Bhardwaj

    Kapish Bhardwaj

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  • Mehak Garg

    Mehak Garg

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