Real Time Integration with Salesforce CDC (Change Data Capture)

Fri, Dec 22, 2023, 10:00 PM (IST)

Implementation strategies, real-world use cases, and a live demonstration on "Real-Time Integration with Salesforce Change Data Capture (CDC)

About this event

Unlock the potential of instantaneous data synchronization with our session on "Real-Time Integration with Salesforce Change Data Capture (CDC)." Discover how Salesforce CDC enables organizations to capture and propagate data changes in real time, fostering enhanced data accuracy, quicker decision-making, and improved system efficiency. We'll walk through implementation strategies, showcase real-world use cases, and provide a live demonstration, empowering you to elevate your integration capabilities and stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of Salesforce integration.      


1. Introduction to real-time integrations(CDC Events)

2. Benefits of CDC

3. Implementation Strategies - How to Subscribe to Salesforce Change Data Capture with MuleSoft

4. Subscribe to change events using an Apex Trigger

5. Q&A session etc. 



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