API Specification(RAML) Best Practices and Usage of Behavioral Headers

Sat, Oct 2, 2021, 11:00 AM (IST)

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About this event

During this event, Speakers will be walking us through below topics:

API Specification(RAML) Best Practices

  • Traits
  • Resource Types
  • Fragments to achieve re-usability
  • Datatypes
    • valid Email Address
    • valid Phone Number
    • Restriction on the number of digits after decimal point like #.00, #.000
  • Libraries to handle multiple Data Types, Traits, Resource Types, etc

How To Simulate And Validate Error Responses While Invoking Mocking Services?

  • MS2-Status-Code
  • S2-Delay
  • MS2-Randomize
  • MS2-Strict-Model-Validation
  • MS2-Example

Live Demonstration

In the end, we will be having Trivia Quiz and the top three winners will be getting a chance to enroll in the Instructor-led training of their choice.

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  • Anoop Ramachandran

    Anoop Ramachandran

    NJC Labs

    Mulesoft Lead / Integration Architect