Migration to MuleSoft

Thu, Jul 28, 2022, 12:00 PM (EDT)

About this event

MuleSoft has been at the forefront in adapting to the evolving enterprise integration needs. With APIs emerging as the fundamental building blocks for enterprise integration, and MuleSoft’s support for open standards, design-first methodology, and building cloud-native applications, Mule has been consistently at the top in catering to the customers from various industries.

Enterprises may choose to move to MuleSoft from their existing tools due to various reasons, some triggers could be moving away from proprietary standards and adoption of Open Standards, an enterprise-wide cloud strategy to build cloud-native applications, re-design of existing implementations (monoliths too) into microservices or to fill-in technical debt.

In this session, we shall discuss the general triggers for migration, and how migration initiatives may be handled through a methodical process. As part of this session, we shall also cover a demo of a few accelerators prepared by Prowess Software to help with quick and efficient migration. The accelerators showcase the automatic conversion of XML schemas to RAML files, conversion of XSLT mapping from TIBCO BW to DataWeave languages.



  • Ramsankar Ananthan

    Ramsankar Ananthan


    Success Architect Director

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  • Naresh Garidepalli

    Naresh Garidepalli


    MuleSoft Engineering

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