How to create an MUnit with MUnit Utils Database Server

Mon, Oct 30, 2023, 6:30 PM (CET)

About this event

In this meetup, we will delve into the topic of MUnit testing with a particular focus on utilizing the MUnit Utils Database Server within the MuleSoft environment. We aim to provide a comprehensive overview of how MUnit testing can significantly improve the quality and efficiency of integration testing for MuleSoft applications.

Our discussion will cover various aspects, including the fundamental principles of using the MUnit Utils Database Server, its configuration, and the specific strategy for testing database interactions effectively. We will also explore best practices, ensuring that your MUnit tests are robust and maintainable.

Join us to gain valuable insights into this critical aspect of MuleSoft development, and learn how to streamline your testing processes for enhanced integration project success.

This meetup will be in Italian. See you there!



  • Giuseppe Somare

    Giuseppe Somare

    Lutech Advanced Solutions

    IT Consultant