Detroit Mulesoft Meetup

Thu, Nov 12, 2020, 4:00 PM (EST)

About this event

We will be covering Three topics

1. What does a MuleSoft C4E do? 

With the rapidly changing global markets and economies, every organization that is looking to remain competitive must aim for having a digital advantage, but that does not come without added complexity. The adoption of new technologies will depend on the successful and on-time delivery of multiple APIs and integration services.

The C4E is the team that helps organizations implement, maintain, and evolve the right IT delivery model that tackles the complexity of delivering APIs and integration services while achieving the right level of governance, agility, and speed of delivery across many, and often concurrent, digital transformation projects. In this talk, we'll cover the six steps required to successfully establish and run a C4E.

2. Anti-patterns in Mulesoft implementations - Jay

Having worked on multiple Mulesoft projects, Jay has learned why many Mulesoft projects do not live to the full capabilities of Mulesoft. Jay will talk about the "Anti-patterns" to look for in a project and avoid them.  

3. Journey in building custom connectors

Anypoint Connectors are reusable extensions to Mule Runtime and by default, Mulesoft provides 90+ connectors enabling to integrate and connect a Mule application to other software, API, databases, and protocols. Even though the number seems to be big, it’s hard to say that it supports all the software. Hence custom connectors.

In the talk, we will take you through the journey of building a custom connector for your enterprise environment and deploy it to your Organization’s Anypoint Exchange. 



  • Ranadheer Pesaru

    Ranadheer Pesaru


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