MuleSoft Composer Overview

Wed, Apr 27, 2022, 1:30 PM (MDT)

In this meetup, Gregory Clark, strategic advisor, director and product specialist, will provide an overview of what Composer is, the strategy behind it, and how it will help business users.

About this event

Business users are very critical to the digital transformation process within any organization. They are usually highly educated knowledge workers. They are the majority of people running the business every day, so they are very familiar with the business needs, but they can't transform the business by writing code, they are not engineers by training. All this potential is lost if those people are not included in the digital transformation process itself.

Composer is the next step to enable business users to build on the power of composable enterprise. Composer is expanding to support those people by providing a purpose-built user experience and the right UI to enable them to build integrations without being heavily dependent on the IT teams.

Please join us in this meetup to learn more about Composer. Gregory Clark will provide an overview of the product, what is the strategy behind it, and how it will help business users. Greg is a Strategic Adviser Director from the Mulesoft Customer Success Strategy and Architecture team, he is also one of the Mulesoft Composer specialists.

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