Fuel your MuleSoft Applications trusted real-time SAP Data to support your AI

Tue, Oct 10, 2023, 7:00 PM (IST)

About this event

Join Apisero and Enosix virtually on October 3rd, 9:30 EDT for a

detailed overview of how to build your AI strategy leveraging SAP data in real time,

without the need for data replication.

As a modern manufacturer designing an AI strategy is imperative to your three-year

plan.  Get ahead of the curve and build your AI strategy from the epicenter of your

business…SAP.  Don’t rely on data replication and rules engines.  The single source of

truth for your employees, your suppliers, and your customers is SAP.  Keep in mind,

competitors may already be ahead of you…

·         Nearly 25% of C-suite executives admit they use gen AI products for work.

·         Over 25% of AI businesses' boards have put AI on their agendas.

·         Because of gen AI, 40% said their companies will invest more in AI.

·         Three-quarters of leaders expect gen AI will disrupt their industry

competition within three years.

During the session, the Enosix and Apisero teams will provide valuable insights and

knowledge to enhance your solutions within the MuleSoft eco-system. Highlights


·        Gain an understanding of the Enosix connector for Mule 4 and the

advantages of the SAP accelerator pack.

·        Understand why other iPaaS solution providers cannot provide AI engines

SAP data in real-time.

·        Real-time SAP integration for your MuleSoft APIs/Applications is possible

without the need to custom code or replicate data.

Reach true digital transformation and provide real-time data to your AI solution your

business needs at scale.  Come see how teams at Apisero and Enosix can add Rocket-

fuel to your AI strategy. 



  • Rohit Singh

    Rohit Singh

    Apisero, an NTT Data company

    Senior Consultant

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  • Mitali Chaudhary

    Mitali Chaudhary

    Apisero, an NTT Data company

    Senior Consultant

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  • Pankaj Goyal

    Pankaj Goyal


    Sr. Integration Consultant

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  • Amit Singh

    Amit Singh

    Panther Schools

    Founder & CEO

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