Mule 4.6 - First Transition Experience and MuleSoft as an Enabler for AI

Wed, Apr 17, 7:00 PM (CEST)

Elevate Your Tech Skills at the MuleSoft Meetup in Geneva on April 17! SynergySoft invites you to a deep dive into two critical topics for the MuleSoft community in 2024: the Migration to Mule 4.6 and AI Capabilities in Integration. This session is designed for professionals who are looking to stay at the forefront of technological evolution, offering insights into essential migration strategies

About this event

SynergySoft is excited to host another in-person MuleSoft Meetup in Geneva! 

We'll delve into two pertinent topics in the current tech landscape:

  • Migration to Mule 4.6: Launched on February 6, Mule 4.6 introduces support for Java 17, marking a significant update. Our team at SynergySoft has embarked on the migration journey to Mule 4.6 and is eager to share our insights and learnings with you. We'll discuss practical tips, the role of Java 11 in the migration process, limitations of Java 21, and other key findings to help you navigate your upgrade smoothly.
  • AI Capabilities in Integration: We're thrilled to have Amir Khan, a renowned integration expert from Salesforce, lead this session. AI systems require vast amounts of data to learn and make predictions. MuleSoft facilitates the seamless flow of data between different systems, applications, and databases. This capability ensures that AI systems have access to the diverse data sources they need for training and inference. MuleSoft can integrate with various AI services and platforms, such as machine learning frameworks, natural language processing APIs, and cognitive computing platforms. This integration allows organizations to leverage AI capabilities within their existing infrastructure and applications without significant development effort.


  • 19:00 - 19:15: Check-in
  • 19:15 - 19:50: Migration to Mule 4.6
  • 19:55 - 20:40: MuleSoft as an Enabler for AI
  • 20:40 - 21:20: Wrap-up & Networking

Join us on Wednesday, April 17, at 19:00, at FER CIAM, Salle B, Rue de Saint-Jean 98, Geneva, 1201 (Google map link). 

We look forward to an engaging evening of learning and networking!



  • Maksym Dovgopolyi

    Maksym Dovgopolyi




Wednesday, Apr 17
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM (CEST)


FER CIAM, Salle Ormeaux
Rue de Saint-Jean 98 Geneva1201


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    Maksym Dovgopolyi


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