MuleSoft Meetup In Geneva #4: API Governance and Flex Gateway

Wed, Sep 7, 2022, 5:00 PM (CEST)

About this event

MuleSoft has recently introduced new platform capabilities, that target controlling and restraining API Sprawl and simplifying complications for application governance and security for IT departments. In this meetup, we are going to discuss the following innovations:

- UAPIM as a solution for API Sprawl;

- Flex Gateway technical cases and use scenarios;

- API Governance as a part of API lifecycle.

Problem statement.

1. It is difficult to use all the APIs that exists leading to a duplication of efforts.

2. Disconnected management consoles being used across diverse platforms makes it complicated to observe.

3. APIs operating in different platforms follow inconsistent quality standards.

4. Every API represents separate security point potentially unsafe.

What is UAPIM?

Universal API management on Anypoint Platform is a collection of new and existing products that will provide MuleSoft customers a single control plane to enable comprehensive visibility, flexible management, and consistent governance at scale. It is the next evolution of API management, opening the scope of full lifecycle management capabilities to APIs that are built and deployed anywhere.

With Universal API management, enterprises will be able to work with APIs of any origin, in any architecture or environment while engaging their internal and external API ecosystems.



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