Mastering Integration Testing

Thu, Mar 21, 2:00 PM (CET)

Automated Testing with Karate

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Guest Speaker: Andreas Oberrauter, MuleSoft

Technical Architect | Co-author @ - We talk about APIs

In order to successfully manage integration and API testing, it must be planned and managed as an integral part of the entire development lifecycle. “API testing” refers to the process of testing the performance, functionality, reliability, and security of an API. In addition, “Integration testing” is a sequence of individual tests with the aim of finding errors in the interaction of different, interdependent (and already tested) APIs and software components. The right testing strategy enables teams to release products and services much faster and ensure secure and reliable integration.

Take-aways from this meetup include:

• A description of typical testing scenarios.

• An overview of strategies for API and integration testing.

• Best practices for Automated Testing with Karate

• Q&A session at the end. Hear your peers share their story on how to ensure secure and reliable integration.

If you have something to say about testing MuleSoft APIs, please reach out! We're especially open to use cases and discussions of current challenges. We're happy to coach!

This Meetup takes place onsite in Hamburg and a summary will be published on the Meetup website.

Please contact Birgit ( / LinkedIn, if you want to visit the Miniaturwunderland prior to the meeting to network with your peers. Tickets for backstage tours are limited!



  • Kai Grassnick

    Kai Grassnick

    Integration Matters GmbH

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Thursday, Mar 21
2:00 PM - 8:00 PM (CET)


Miniatur Wunderland
Historischer Speicherboden, Kehrwieder 2-3, Block D Hamburg20457


  • Kai Grassnick

    Kai Grassnick

    Integration Matters GmbH

    Solution Architect

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