1st Healthcare & Life Sciences Meetup!! Featuring the NEW Accelerator for Healthcare Course!

Healthcare and Life Sciences
Thu, Jun 23, 2022, 8:00 PM (EDT)

About this event

Join us for the VERY FIRST Healthcare and Life Science Meetup! 

The action-packed event begins with Audrey Honeycutt as The journey continues - taking a look at reusable assets and socializing the C4E within IT where the tech talks are happening.

Next, Ben Stone will give us a deeper understanding of the Batch Scope - Data Synchronization and Replication.

Hot New Products is delivered by Manik Magar exposing The POWER of Flex Gateway.

Exciting Training news is brought to us by Derek Bransford with the birth of the NEW Accelerator for Healthcare Course

TRIVIA GAME to follow. 3 Instructor-Led courses will be given away!

Meetup Wrap!



  • Diane Kesler

    Diane Kesler

    Salesforce/MuleSoft Certified Instructor

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  • Angela Patterson

    Angela Patterson

    Integration Quest


  • Diane Kesler

    Diane Kesler

    Integration Quest

    MuleSoft Cert Instructor, Architect, SME

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  • Audrey Honeycutt

    Audrey Honeycutt

    RUSH University Medical Center


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  • Mark Knox

    Mark Knox

    AVIO Consulting


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