NEW Healthcare use case for Amazon HealthLake, NEW MCIA Exam, & Why YOU should get certified!

Healthcare and Life Sciences
Wed, Nov 16, 2022, 7:00 PM (EST)

We are introducing the newest Healthcare Accelerator use case for Amazon HealthLake, exciting details for the new MuleSoft Certified Integration Associate, and the value being a certified professional brings to your career portfolio.

About this event

Welcome ALL!!! We are excited to bring another Action Packed Meetup!! 

Derek Bransford, Senior Curriculum Developer, will highlight the Anypoint Platform Architecture: MuleSoft Accelerator for Healthcare course and introduce the newest accelerator use case population health management. The population health management use case accelerates conversion and ingestion of valuable clinical data across a variety of standards into Amazon HealthLake.

Simon Welham, Senior Manager, MuleSoft Certification Program, will present on The Digital Skills Gap and MuleSoft Learning Paths. Simon will introduce the New! MuleSoft Certified Integration Associate Exam. He has exciting news regarding the latest process for your MuleSoft Certification Maintenance and Continued Learning Sessions! As Simon concludes his presentation, he will share we are soon to have our MuleSoft Certifications populated to our accounts! At Last... It's here!!

Susan Farago, M.Ed., Salesforce, MuleSoft Certifications, is here to ask you, "Why bother getting certified?" Susan will provide compelling reasons to this question from two angles. First, a good exam certifies the right people. Susan will share fun and interesting insights into how MuleSoft exams are built including the data used to ensure exams meet reliability and validity standards. Second, certified professionals are in high demand. How high? Susan will provide results from recent IDC research that shows just how valuable you are (or can be) as a certified professional.

TRIVIA GAME to follow. 3 Instructor-Led courses will be given away!

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    Diane Kesler

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