Hyderabad Meetup #22 (Virtual) - Explore "Mule 4 Batch Processing", in a more natural way

Sat, Aug 21, 2021, 2:00 PM (IST)

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About this event

Topic: Explore "Mule 4 Batch Processing", in a more natural way

- in-depth exploration of Mule 4 Batch Processing

- Batch is one of the Important & Core Components of the Mule iPaaS Platform. An in-depth understanding of Batch Processing is very much required. Unless and until we have a complete understanding of how Mule 4 Batch Processing is internally working, it's very difficult to resolve the real-time issues.

- "Mule 4 Batch Processing" is not a brand new topic OR a Fancy topic to discuss now. Every "Muley" will have some/more understanding of how batch processing works. One way or other "Muleyes" might have implemented the "Mule 4 Batch Processing", But, as per my observation, "Muleyes" are understanding/explaining some parts of Batch processing in different ways, which is not the case. Even now, most experienced "Muleyes" are not in a position to correctly explain how "Mule 4 Batch Processing" works. Not knowing is better than an incorrect understanding of "Mule 4 Batch Processing". I request Senior "Muleyes" to join this meetup and let's have a healthy discussion on Batch processing.

Please don't miss this opportunity

Target Audiences for this Meetup:

1 ) Those who are new to MluleSoft & Batch processing

2) Those who have some work experience in Batch processing

3) Senior MuleSoft Community members, who are interested to have a healthy debate and share their experience with others & share their project experience with Community



  • Santosh Ojha

    Santosh Ojha


    NextGen Digital Architect

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  • Sravan Lingam

    Sravan Lingam

    MuleSoft TechZone

    MuleSoft Ambassador | Sr. Integration Developer and Architect

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  • Naga Vasavi Puchakayala

    Naga Vasavi Puchakayala


    Senior Software Engineer

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Saturday, Aug 21
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM (IST)