Jaipur MuleSoft & SF Group Presents -Learn Mulesoft RPA & File Solutioning in SF

Sat, Apr 22, 2023, 9:30 AM (GMT+5:30)

Salesforce Admin Group, Jaipur & Mulesoft Meetup Group, Jaipur invites Salesforce/Mulesoft working professionals to gain knowledge about File Solutioning in Salesforce and Automate business process using Mulesoft RPA. Please see more details & RSVP here

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About this event

Grab the opportunity and join us with our experts to know more about File Solutioning in Salesforce using CloudFiles app-exchange product and Automate business process using Mulesoft RPA, the latest features and get insights about the Salesforce Files and Mulesoft RPA which has helped businesses to grow over time. Dive deep with us into an amazing ride and do some fun.

We will be covering following topics in this event:

Topic #1: File Solutioning in Salesforce: In this topic, we will learn about file solutioning in Salesforce and how to achieve file related implementation in Salesforce, natively OR with App-exchange package

Topic #2: Automate business process using Mulesoft RPA: In this topic, we will learn how to leverage Mulesoft RPA to solve the last mile problem in business automation via live bots which execute automated workflow triggered in Salesforce, leveraging composer and RPA. We walk through a use case and a live demo to see how Composer and RPA coupled together can achieve end to end automation for key business processes.

The opportunities are truly endless, and we invite working professionals to explore the possibilities. Here, we celebrate some of our amazing Trailblazers and explore how you can start your own Trailblazer journey and can be a part of this Salesforce ecosystem. Join us to learn more and start blazing your trail!

Are you ready to unlock the full power of #CloudFiles and #MulesoftRPA? We would appreciate your presence, please see more details & RSVP here. We will follow up it with a fun quiz and give out awesome SWAGS for winners!!!

Note: This event is limited to only for Salesforce / Mulesoft working professionals, Admins, Developers, Architects and Users so if you are a Student, please DO NOT RSVP.

To limit our catering expense and reserve the appropriate meeting space, please RSVP only if you plan to attend, For any kind of issue, feel free to connect us



Saturday, Apr 22
9:30 AM - 2:00 PM (+0530)


Hotel Vrisa
12 Tonk Road Jaipur302018