TDX24 Talk Series: Power Up with Data Cloud and MuleSoft

Tue, Apr 16, 3:00 PM (BST)

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About this event

In this session you will learn about Data Cloud and Mulesoft and what they are used for. You will then learn about the Ingestion API and how you can use it to load data into Data Cloud from SAP, Workday, ServiceNow and more. Finally attendees will see a live demo of how to set up the integration between Data Cloud and Mulesoft, how to build a Mulesoft App, and how to interact with Data Cloud's data lake (ingesting, querying, and deleting). Finally attendees will learn how to use Dataweave. 



  • Anoop Babu

    Anoop Babu


    Integration Architect

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  • Nitish Raj

    Nitish Raj

    EPAM Systems Inc

    Lead Software Engineer

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  • Anurag Sharma

    Anurag Sharma


    Mulesoft Architect

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  • Ashton Chamberlain

    Ashton Chamberlain

    Cloud4 Solutions

    MuleSoft Community Leader & Salesforce Leader

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  • Rajeshkumar D

    Rajeshkumar D

    TATA Consultancy

    MuleSoft Ambassador | Integration & API |

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