Mastering OAuth 2.0 and JWT: Secure API Authentication and Authorization with MuleSoft

Fri, Jun 14, 10:00 PM (IST)

About this event

In this MuleSoft meetup, we'll explore OAuth 2.0 and JSON Web Tokens (JWT), which are essential for secure API authentication and authorization. The session will cover the principles and mechanisms of OAuth 2.0 and JWT, offering insights into protecting APIs and managing user identity.



  • Anil Bawne

    Anil Bawne

    Caelius Consulting

    Associate Solutions Architect

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  • Lavina Ambani

    Lavina Ambani

    Caelius Consulting

    VP Customer Success

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  • Vikas Sharma

    Vikas Sharma


    Sr Consultant

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  • Manpreet Sethi

    Manpreet Sethi

    Caelius Consulting

    Manager - Enablement & Communication

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