#1 Building APIs with Mule and SpringBoot

MuleSoft pour les Développeurs Java
Wed, Jul 21, 2021, 6:00 PM (BST)

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About this event

Join our event to learn how the MuleSoft development experience compares to SpringBoot. We will build an API to connect to Salesforce and retrieve contacts from it. During the session, we will demonstrate how the development looks like in both technologies and explore how the MuleSoft components make this development easy compared to SpringBoot.

- API Life cycle: How to make use of the API-First strategy to refine and create better APIs for your consumers
- Mule Runtime: Main characteristics of the MuleSoft Runtime and how it's useful for many developments situations
- Connectors: Unlock data from third-party systems and create integrations faster

It could be your chance to start your career in MuleSoft development or improve your skills! Take part in our trivia for a chance to win one of 3 vouchers to attend an Instructor-led MuleSoft official course!

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