Better Dataweave Coding with Visual Studio Code

Sep 6, 2023, 4:30 – 6:00 PM

Oklahoma City

Shyam from Dataweave Fun with some powerful ways to write Dataweave code


About this event

During this session, we will dive into the DataWeave Extension Library, an incredibly potent tool designed to enhance the DataWeave experience within Visual Studio Code. DataWeave is a specialised language widely used for data transformation, enabling seamless conversion between different formats or structures in integration scenarios.

Our agenda begins with an introduction to DataWeave, providing the necessary groundwork for our discussion. We will then delve into DataWeave Modules & Mappings, pivotal concepts in constructing efficient data transformations.

Subsequently, we will concentrate on the development of DataWeave libraries and their effective utilisation for modularising and organising data transformation logic. Understanding the DataWeave Project Structure will prove indispensable for managing and maintaining our libraries.

The main highlight of our session will revolve around exploring the key features of the DataWeave Library Extension for Visual Studio Code. These features include syntax highlighting, debugging, intelligent code autocompletion, error detection, and seamless integration with MuleSoft's Anypoint Studio or API Designer.

Our focus will then shift to Packaging and Deployment, guiding us on how to package our DataWeave library for distribution and deploy it to various environments, ensuring its accessibility and reusability.

Finally, we will conclude with a practical demonstration, showcasing the tremendous power and efficiency of the DataWeave Extension Library in action. Through this live demo, you will witness firsthand how the extension streamlines data transformation tasks, making them more efficient and error-free.

We invite you to join us for this enlightening session, where you can elevate your DataWeave skills to new heights with the DataWeave Extension Library for Visual Studio Code.


  • Shyam Raj Prasad

    Tricon Infotech

    Engineering Leader


  • Ryan Hoegg

    Hoegg Software, Co.


  • Diane Kesler

    Innovation Solved

    Principle Hyperautomation Solution Architect | Salesforce/MuleSoft Certified Instructor

  • Victor Felisbino

    Love's Travel Stop

    Senior Salesforce Developer


  • Ryan Hoegg

    Integration Quest



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