TDX24 Talks Series: Use AI with MuleSoft to Detect Toxicity

Oklahoma City
Wed, Mar 27, 4:00 PM (CDT)

See how MuleSoft APIs can help you incorporate cloud AI tools like OpenAI, Cohere, IBM Watson, AWS Comprehend, and Google VertexAI to detect toxicity in your data.

About this event

A technical peek into the way to access AI APIs in a MuleSoft application, and the use of Natural Language Artificial Intelligence to detect offensive content. Ryan Hoegg's Campfire session from TrailblazerDX earlier this month.



  • Ryan Hoegg

    Ryan Hoegg

    Hoegg Software, Co.


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  • Clayton Flesher

    Clayton Flesher

    Avio Consulting

    Software Architect

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