Mule Integration for Java professionals

Online Group - English
Thu, Oct 15, 2020, 6:00 PM (BST)

About this event

Welcome again everyone! After a full packed first EMEA Online session with an unexpected number of more than 200 online Attendants, we are back on track!

This time, you will join us in a single key session from one of our top Principal Technical Instructors: Alex Theedom.

This meetup is for Java professionals who want to discover how they can leverage their existing skills to be successful in the rapidly expanding field of digital transformation. In this hour we will cover:

  • Introduction to MuleSoft technology and approach
  • Why digital transformation is so important to businesses
  • Who are the main employers of MuleSoft professionals
  • The case for Java professionals to become MuleSoft professionals
  • How to leverage your Java skills
  • What skills are transferable
  • Career paths as a MuleSoft professional
  • How to become a MuleSoft professional in just one week
  • How to obtain free professional training and certification

After attending this meetup you will have discovered how adding MuleSoft integration capabilities to your skill set will boost your career options. You will understand how Java and MuleSoft integration are the perfect partners and how you can leverage your Java skills to gain an advantage as a MuleSoft professional (developer/architect).

Time: 6:00 PM London | 7:00 PM Europe CEST | 22:30 India (Delhi) | 10:00 San Francisco | 13:00 New York 



Thursday, Oct 15
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM (BST)


  • Manik Magar

    Manik Magar

    AVIO Consulting

    Technical Architect

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  • Rajesh Nagarajan

    Rajesh Nagarajan


    Integration Solution Architect

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  • Jim Andrews

    Jim Andrews


    MuleSoft Practice Delivery Lead

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