Meetup en español #3

Oct 1, 2020, 10:30 – 11:30 PM

Online Group - Spanish

Unit Testing en MuleSoft

About this event

Unit Testing en MuleSoft

The main idea is to ensure; that as you build a piece of functionality, that you test the code. Thus, when you get to the end, you write a test for the main flow and it SHOULD work. It should work because you have already tested every other element of the application.

If done properly, it can improve application/code quality, reduce risk, enable swifter future enhancements, and help maintain a status-quo of integrity within the application.


  • Nico Gutierrez


    MuleSoft Technical Architect

  • Luis Cantu


  • Luis Cantu


  • Leonardo Lopez

    PhiDimensions Inc

    LATAM Technology Lead

  • Juan Cruz Basso

    AVIO Consulting

    Senior Software Engineer


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