Unwired API-led & Custom API policies - Portuguese session - Online

Dec 16, 2020, 9:00 – 10:51 PM

São Paulo

Hello Muleys!! MuleSoft Meetups are back and now online! Join us for our new meetup, stay connected with other Muleys, and help us to keep our community stronger!! The meetup will be held in the Portuguese language Please RSVP and log in to join the Meetup.

About this event

Hello, Community! I’m excited to announce a new MuleSoft Meetup! Join us to explore new content and features of the Anypoint Platform and have a great time with our Brazilian community!

Besides enjoying and improve our community, it’s an excellent opportunity to enhance your knowledge not only by meetup the content but also with the chance to win an official Instructor-led MuleSoft Course!

In this session, we will explore two topics:

  • Unwired API-led: Eduardo Ponzoni will present a hot topic implementing an event pattern strategy using API-led connectivity architecture.
  • Custom policies: Pedro Baroni will present a case creating a Custom policy and extending the power of API Manager capabilities.

The meetup will be held in the Portuguese language


  • Eduardo Ponzoni


    Head of Integration

  • Pedro Baroni

    Timestamp ITS

    Integration Architect


  • Renato de Oliveira



  • Daniel Mirilli

    API People

    MuleSoft Consultant

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