Working with ndjson in Dataweave & SFTP setup on local machine

Oct 2, 2022, 9:00 – 10:00 AM


Learn about ndjson for elastic search and setting up SFTP on local machine

About this event

The topic may be of interest to developers and architects, independent of their degree of understanding of MuleSoft technology. All we ask is that you come to the Meetup, and actively participate in the conversations. Remember that the event is free – register to obtain the link to attend the event.

We'll have a networking event. Get your webcam ready ;). It is entirely optional, however this is an excellent opportunity to network with other MuleSoft and API aficionados.

Trivia quiz, with the victors receiving MuleSoft vouchers to put toward their choice of MuleSoft training.


  • Padma Bandi


    Sr. Associate


  • Karthik Thotapalli


    Sr. Integration Developer


  • Karthik Venkata Thotapalli


    Senior MuleSoft Developer

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