Teaser Tuesday: Leveraging MuleSoft RPA for Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

Jul 30, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM


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About this event

Join us on July 30th at this webinar, a sneak peek for the second full-day, in-person "Thank God, It's Automation Friday" (TGIAF) event which will take place one month later, on August 30th in Zurich. 

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) is revolutionizing the way businesses handle large volumes of documents, enabling them to extract, process, and manage data with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

The webinar is showcasing the powerful integration of IDP and MuleSoft Automation: The place where document efficiency meets seamless automation.

We will show how MuleSoft's flexible and scalable architecture allows for seamless integration with various technologies, enhancing the IDP capabilities and delivering superior performance. For this purpose, we have prepared a live demonstration of how these cutting-edge technologies can transform your business processes: You will learn how IDP can be achieved through various ways (e.g. AWS, MuleSoft IDP, and GenAI), highlighting the versatility and robustness of combining RPA with IDP. Specifically, the demo will show how to extract efficiently data from documents and pass it on to the downstream systems - whether legacy, on prem or cloud - using a combination of MuleSoft RPA and AWS. Discover the future of intelligent automation solutions and learn how to streamline your operations effortlessly. 

Don't miss this opportunity to see innovation in action and explore the limitless possibilities of MuleSoft's integrated solutions.

Key Takeaways:

• Gain a comprehensive understanding of Intelligent Document Processing and its business impact.

• Learn how MuleSoft RPA can be integrated with AWS, GenAI or MuleSoft IDP.

• Witness a live demonstration of MuleSoft RPA and AWS IDP integration.

• Engage with experts and peers


  • Surbhi Sharma

    LPDG Lehmann + Pioneers Digital GmbH

    Automation Consultant

  • Marco Schamber

    LPDG Lehmann + Pioneers Digital GmbH

    Automation Consultant


  • Dr. Christian Berker

    LPDG Lehmann + Pioneers Digital GmbH


  • Kiruthika Nithyanandan

    LPDG Lehmann + Pioneers Digital GmbH

    Senior Automation Architect

  • Silva Ostheimer

    LPDG Lehmann + Pioneers Digital GmbH

    Automation Consultant



Tuesday, July 30, 2024
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM UTC


Welcome & Introduction
Challenges with IDP & Using MuleSoft for IDP
Demo: IDP with MuleSoft Automation
Q&A + Teaser TGIAF Event


  • Christian Dr. Berker

    Lehmann Pioneer Digital Group


  • Frederic Agneray


    Integration Architect

  • Samuel Anandh

    Technology Leader/Integration Specialist/Solution Architect/Product Manager


  • Santhosh Maruthaiyan

    Hoffman La Roche

    Lead - Integration Solution Architecture

  • Rahulsingh Narooka



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