1st Christchurch, NZ MuleSoft Meetup

Date: 21st August 2017

Venue: Christchurch City Council, Function Room, (Entrance from Arts Center)

Today’s meet up starts at 5.30p.m. the turn up is great, we have a mixture of people from different roles, from students, to developers, testers, team leaders and managers, a nice mixture of crowd to bring in different concerns towards the subject of systems integration. Thank you again to all the participants for taking the time to attend this event.

As I have mentioned I try to run each meet up at least 3 topics, having two non-development related topics about MuleSoft and 1 development related topic.This is so that the MuleSoft meetup stays relevant to both non-development and development personnel who interacts with MuleSoft daily.

We started the event by talking about the MuleSoft training curriculum, the following link will take you the the slides I have used for our first discussion topic.

As I have mentioned if you are starting a development team or if you are evaluating MuleSoft as an integration product/framework, there are a few free trainings that could start you right off, they are accessible via the following link.

Next we have talked about the Champion program that is a gamification of developers community the slide deck that I have used for this presentation is accessible via the following link.

The final topic we talked about MUNIT testing as a tool that is flexible enough for you to use it from end-to-end testing, service testing and unit testing. The slides that I have used for this session is accessible via the following link.

If you want more details about MUNIT mocking, you can read it from an article that I have written at the following link.

Thank you again for taking the time to attend this meet up. Look forward to seeing you for the next meetup. I am reachable via the following link

More pictures from the meetup can be obtained from the following link.