#3 STOCKHOLM MULESOFT MEETUP – API-Led: Architecture and Design. Why? What? How?

Last week, on the 22nd of March it was once again time for me and my fellow Meetup Leader Ana Chiritescu to host a MuleSoft Meetup in Stockholm, the 3rd Meetup since we began in November last year. The topic for the Meetup was “API-Led: Architecture and Design. Why? What? How?” and judging by a fairly strong attendance with 20 persons showing up I think it is safe to say it's something people in the community want to hear more about.  

The crowd was as usual a broad mix of people with different tech and business backgrounds and consisted mainly of people just starting to look into MuleSoft and curious on the related technologies.

The event kicked off with Ana doing the introduction round and giving a nice overview on what's new in the Mule world since the last Meetup. The Salesforce acquisition had been announced just the day before and naturally, there were some discussions around that.

Link to presentation.

After that it was time for the main presentation of the evening to be held by Stefan Påsse, Senior Integration Architect at Enfo Integration, and also trusted advisor and friend from our integration team back in the real world at Nordic Choice Hotels.

He started by giving a high-level overview of MuleSoft's three-layered approach to API-led connectivity and then digging into practical real-world examples of how we do it at Nordic Choice Hotels.

The session was really great and already from the start, there were lots of questions from the audience, each question being awarded a Max the Mule squishy from Ana.

During the session I had to handle the big crisis of the evening: our pizzas had been delivered to the wrong address(!). Nothing some quick calls and coordination with the delivery guy couldn't fix though.

Since the crowd got so engaged during and after Stefan’s presentation with lots of discussions and questions around API-led the delayed pizzas turned out to fit our schedule perfectly, and in the end, we actually had to break up the discussions for food and drinks :)

As always the evening ended with some really nice mingling, discussions and drinks till late.

I would like to give big THANKS to all that came and engaged with us this evening!

Until next time!

John & Ana