Highlights of 2nd MuleSoft Perth Meetup

Following the success of our first Meetup, we organised our second Meetup on 13th March. The turn out at the event was very encouraging, we had in excess of twenty people attending the session. It highlighted the fact that increasing number of local users are subscribing to the idea of sharing and gaining knowledge in this type of informal and community driven user groups.

The first talk of the night was delivered by Bai Li, Integration Architect at Woodside Energy Ltd. Bai talked about the API custom policies in general, and JWT validation policy, in specific. He discussed the use case of Woodside's custom policy, he highlighted, why the standard policy implementation was not enough, what development approach he took, and what value Woodside is getting by investing time and effort in developing this highly reusable asset. It was followed by a general discussion around API policies. 

After a small pizza and drinks break, Ron Inglesby, Senior Integration Engineer at Empired, walked us through the new flow designer. Ron explained the relatively new trend of the democratizing the integration development capabilities among business users and how the flow designer can help fulfill this goal. The presentation was followed by a detailed demo, which obviously went very smooth, right Ron ? :) Finally there were some questions around the potential use cases of flow designer. 

Thanks for coming everyone and hope to see next time!