Phoenix Meetup - August 2018

The month of August has been tremendous for Apisero and the MuleSoft Developer community! Thanks to special guest speakers from ASU, Apisero, Isagenix, and even MuleSoft, attendees were immersed in our best Meetup to date featuring face-painting, a surprise dance performance, and even a celebratory Mule cake!

For those unaware, MuleSoft Meetups are community-led events, bringing people together to explore, teach, and learn about API-led connectivity by sharing use cases and doing hands-on exercises. You don’t necessarily have to be a MuleSoft user to join — all API enthusiasts are welcome. Our August Meetup welcomed nearly 60 guests, all with a shared love and passion for connectivity.

Ms. Ahyoung An, the Senior Product Marketing Manager from MuleSoft, successfully initiated the meetup by providing insight about the current ongoing activities/events/breakthroughs in MuleSoft. Her talk also involved aspects about the recent Salesforce acquisition. She then wrapped up with a Q & A with the audience.

Mr. Deepak Halder, from Apisero, spoke about ‘Mule 3 to Mule 4’ and how he enrolled in a session of Mule 3 to Mule 4 by MuleSoft. He also explained the difference between Mule 3 and Mule 4 and how Mule 4 might look for Mule 3 users.

Meanwhile, there were a lot of other fun activities going on elsewhere to entertain the kids – face painting, magic shows, and even balloon animals from local vendors! Families were able to not only immerse in the developer community, but also could enjoy outside festivities as well; not to mention the blast each of the children had!

Suddenly, the lights were dim, and the audience realized that Meetup Leader and Practice Head, Vijay Rao (Apisero) was nowhere to be found! Then came the dashing event no one was expecting. Vijay and his team danced to an energetic Bollywood song, leaving participants stunned by their vibrant and colorful performance. Somehow, Vijay had managed to plan and keep secret the entire event from the audience.

Following the dance, Mr. Milton Nelson and Mr. Rob Yosowitz of Arizona State University discussed CI/ CD and ASU’s recent Go Live experience. Rob Yosowitz even answered additional questions from the audience about the implementation process.

The final talk was presented by Mr. Senthil Govindaraj (Isagenix) about Dataweave and a few tips and tricks for handling EDI/HL7 messages.

The successful event closed with a ceremonial cake cutting by Ms. Sabrina Marechal (founder of MuleSoft Meetups) along with Vijay Rao. Invitees were served Pizza as part of the dinner and enjoyed a social hour following.

We thank all the participants who attended the event, and especially those, kind enough to provide Presentations.

Let’s gear up for the next Meetup!

Apisero recognized as top contributor for August following successful August meetup!