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Another great Meetup in Boston, thanks to ASICS' Runkeeper!

In this Meetup we got to learn a lot about ASICS' Runkeepers' journey and challenges faced when integrating with many or their back end systems. Using MuleSoft, they were able to not only integrate, but also re-architect their approaches with new experiences and findings along the way. Talk about being agile, quick, and forward thinking.  I am looking forward to hearing all about their continued journey, new ideas and cool innovations to come. This is especially the case after Rob Conti, a Muley, presented on the roadmap of MuleSoft.  All the cool things (dates and features subject to change) on the horizon have certainly peeked the interest of many folks there.  How will companies like ASICS' Runkeeper and other take advantage of these new cool capabilities to improve their business outcomes?  We shall see...

Boston Meetup @Harvard, Truly a Higher Ed Experience!

Rob Conti and I, Ron Tam, had our first meetup in Boston (via and everyone went through some great discussion on the Anypoint Platform Crowd release and CI/CD concepts and experiences.  I met some new folks like Sean and Chris, while we had great participation from MuleSoft experts who shared with everyone their experiences and approaches that worked or didn't. Overall it was very interactive and enjoyed the questions and learning a lot in the process!