#1 Stockholm MuleSoft Meetup – Introducing Crowd and Mule 4 RC

Thank you!

I would like to start this post by thanking everyone who joined us for the very first MuleSoft Meetup in Stockholm in November 2017! Your energy, ideas and positive reaction to the event give us high hopes for the events to come! We can only grow the community with your active participation. The questions and suggestions received from you help us improve each event!

Event format

We decided to start off the series of Meetups as evenings that are divided as: one part with a talk (Ana Chiritescu talked about the Crowd Release and Mule 4 Release Candidate) followed by a break for dinner and then an Open session afterwards where everyone was asked to vote for topics to be discussed in the next events.

Introducing Crowd and Mule 4 RC

Ana, MuleSoft Practice Lead at Enfo Integration, gave an introduction on MuleSoft (relevant for the attendees not familiar with the product/company) , API-Led Connectivity, Anypoint Platform and talked about a selected list of features from Crowd and Mule 4 RC.

The session was interactive with multiple questions related to MuleSoft’s focus & strengths, different deployment models (on-prem, hybrid and cloud), DataWeave features in Mule 4 for MuleSoft CE vs EE and more.

Link to Prezi slides here.

Open discussion – vote the topics you want to learn more about in the next sessions!

After dinner, we continued with a brainstorming session on topics to focus on at upcoming events. Everyone was asked to vote for approx. 3 topics they would like to hear more about and share these with the rest of the attendees. After everyone submitted their votes, we grouped the post-its per common topics and asked everyone to use 3 bullets to vote their favorite topics.

This worked out better than expected, see the end result here:

As a follow-up we extracted the information in a spreadsheet per topics with number of votes and additional information. Below is the outcome where the order was given by the number of votes: 

Other relevant details

  • We were very happy to have as attendees Ada Westerinen, MuleSoft EMEA Partner Presales and Albin Kjellin, MuleSoft Presales Solutions Engineer. We all got the opportunity to ask them various questions.
  • A MuleSoft T-Shirt was offered by us to the attendee that by mistake referred to DataWeave as “DreamWeave”. We found this a creative name and decided it deserved a prize.
  • The overall attendance rate was better than expected for a first event: 24 registered, 21 attended
  • Everyone expressed the wish to have a simplified way to collaborate in a smooth way, near real time on questions/topics/announcements on the event. We agreed that Slack will be a good start for that. As follow-up we will ask Sabrina Marechal, Community Manager at MuleSoft if we can leverage the recently created MuleSoft Community Slack team.

From the MuleSoft Stockholm Community: Happy Holidays!